I provide copy and line editing for Christian manuscripts, both fiction and non-fiction.  When copy editing, I look for issues with structure, clarity, word choice, consistency, and style.  I’m like a personal trainer for your writing—I’ll help you work on problem areas and tone everything up a bit.

When line editing, I’m looking at grammatical errors, punctuation, and word choice—smaller issues that can nevertheless distract the reader from the main point of your writing.  At this level, I’m more like a dermatologist helping you get rid of unsightly rashes or acne.

I am also happy to proofread your writing.  When proofreading, I’m looking minutely at each page for embarrassing little mistakes—typos, missing words, contractions, capitalization, and spelling.  Basically, I’m the friend who checks your teeth for spinach.

Before starting work, I will talk with you to determine the appropriate depth of editing for your manuscript.  My aim is always to communicate clearly so we can work in the same direction to make your book the best it can be.